Audrey Morris first opened her first retail cosmetics store in 1965. She realized the importance of women looking and feeling their best. Since then, Audrey Morris the company grew into a manufacturer offering private label cosmetics to clients all across the globe. Dermatologists, Salons, and Professional Beauty Schools call upon Audrey Morris for high quality glamorous products that help women look and feel their best.

Concealer is one of the most versatile makeup products on the market today. Concealer allows you to hide flaws on the skin without using all-over foundation. It can help cover dark circles, age spots, blemishes, large pores, and off-color areas. Applying it under your eyes will make your face appear more vibrant and help your eyes look brighter. Audrey Morris sells a wide selection of private label concealers. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or business you may order our products to brand. No matter your needs, Audrey Morris has the type of makeup you are searching for including creams, base, correctors and concealers. Our Concealer and Eyeshadow base uses a unique multipurpose formula to bring out eye-catching looks and youthful glows. It’s gentle to the skin and paraben free. Total Coverup Concealer can be used on every skin type to effectively smooth out or cover up skin imperfections. Our private label correctors, which come in green, yellow and lilac help counter blemishes, bruises, and red skin.

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