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Private Label Cosmetics is the smart way to start your brand!

For a long time, few people knew about Private Label Cosmetics. Thanks to the information age we live in that has changed. You would be surprised to find out how many of today’s leading brands started with Private Label products. In the last 5 years the cosmetics industry has exponentially grown among our Millennials thanks to Social Media Platforms and its Influencers. You too, can partake of the moving trend and establish yourself as a household name with Private Label Cosmetics. We understand opportunity for profitability and we want to pass that opportunity to you. Starting your brand of Private Label Cosmetics is the easiest way to get started. Let us show you how.

The Private Label Cosmetics Way

There are many companies out there and the challenge for you is choosing a company that understands your vision for your brand. Another important thing to consider is your budgetary realities. Getting started may not had seem easy, until now. But the question remains: why Audrey Morris? Because of our extensive library of shades and high quality formula in trending packaging. Our formulas are cruelty-free, paraben-free and lead-free which are big selling points in a brand. In addition, our low minimums allows you to start small and grow your business at your own pace and finally because of our over 50 years in the industry as the leading Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer we pass our expertise to you to ensure your success.

Let’s go over this, Step by Step:

  1. Start today by choosing Audrey Morris as your partner for success.
  2. Order samples of the products you wish to start your brand with. To try them is to love them!
  3. Choose from our extensive library of makeup the products for your brand.
  4. Create your logo and send us a camera ready vector file format in AI, PSD or high resolution TIF or JPEG 300 dpi minimum.
  5. A mock-up of what it will look like will be sent to you for your approval. Once approved, the manufacturing will begin.
  6. Place your first order and receive 25% off with your brand logo.
  7. Within 6-8 weeks your products will be shipped to you.
  8. Finally, start selling and making your brand the new “must have”.

Important steps were taken by a woman to start her own private label cosmetics and makeup brand with Audrey Morris

The Private Label Cosmetics Advantage

Now that you know how easy this can be; let me explain the advantages of creating your brand with the leading Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer:

  1. Most people who start their own brand usually get stuck in the development of the formulas unless they come into the market with very large budgets. Our products have been formulated with the finest ingredients and tested in their packaging passing the savings to you. As a result, this turns what could possibly be a year or more of production time into 6-8 weeks for you.
  2. Private Label Cosmetics allows you to start small and grow with us. This is a risk free way to get started. You are not committed to start with large quantities and have to deal with the added stress of inventory that isn’t moving as fast you need. We offer low minimums and yes, we can print your logo too!
  3. There is no question, Audrey Morris Cosmetics is the Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer of choice.
  4. A major concern for most cosmetics shoppers is, what ingredients are in the product? In a recent study done, 76% of shoppers went with the cruelty-free products even if it meant spending a few more dollars. Our products are: Cruelty-free, Paraben-free and Lead-free. We have made the process simple for you to start with us today!



Start your private label makeup brand with Audrey Morris Cosmetics

Private Label Makeup

When you choose Audrey Morris Cosmetics Private Label Manufacturer vs other companies, you are choosing:

  • Individualized Service

    – an account representative will be assigned to you to help you grow your business effectively and profitably. Our representatives are experienced, licensed Cosmeticians experts in the industry.
  • High-end Formulas in Trending Packaging

    - in order to stand out in the industry you want to face the world with the right packaging: elegant and cost-effective. We’ve done that done for you! You will receive a turnkey product ready for profit.
  • Fast turnaround times

    – because we are manufacturers we can ensure quality control and shorter wait times for your products.
  • Build your business at your own pace

    – we will work with you at your own pace, we believe in empowering our clients with the tools to succeed.

The Private Label Cosmetics Solution

Private Label Cosmetics is our passion since 1965. High-end quality at affordable prices. We are Audrey Morris, your partner for success!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the industry leader in the private labeling cosmetics world; we are the hub of the industry's finest quality skin care and cosmetics products. Back by the latest technology, we offer you the best services, including research, development, designing and artwork, packaging, manufacturing, and delivery.
Private label cost varies on quantities and type of order you are ordering after you order the sample, our team email or call you for a private label price list to review.
Our products are manufactured with unique formulas in trending packaging. In addition, our products are 100% natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and lead-free, which are big selling points in a brand.
At Audrey Morris, we handle a vast assortment of business sizes. Our goal is to provide our entrepreneur partners who are starting the business from scratch and to large established corporations, salons, and spas and provide them with the highest quality of product and packaging.
Yes, we can help you to select an ingredient list based on your requirements.
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