Clear Lucite square bottle with sponge applicatorNet wt ..25 oz...

Color Corrector

Net Wt.25oz/7grams.Lucite Round Clear Bottle w/ Black Shiny Band and Sponge Tip applicator or Clear Lucite square bottle with sponge applicator..

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Private Label Concealer is the smart way to start your brand!

Since 1965 we have been manufacturing the finest formulas for our products and our concealer is one of our bestsellers. Our concealer is formulated with the finest ingredients to tackle dark spots, skin blemishes and dark circles under the eye creating an even skin tone effect.

Allowing for a clear canvas on which to apply makeup. Concealer has become a commodity in the industry and necessary for that flawless look. Many famous brands have started with one key product and today are a household name. You can start with one product and then grow your brand, the choice is up to you. “Do not despise small beginnings!” Every start is an opportunity for great things to come. Did you know that concealer sales have gone through the roof? In trending cosmetics reports sales of concealers average in the tens of millions of dollars just in the U.S. The reason why concealers are at the forefront of sales is due to the popularity of makeup tutorials on various social media platforms. Showing the step by step application and the importance of this product to create a luminous, flawless look.

Choose from Jars to Tubes

tube concealerAt Audrey Morris we want to give you choices. Choices in formulas and packaging. It’s your brand, we want to help you develop your vision and make it run successfully. We offer our concealers in these elegant black cap square or round tubes. Or if you wish a creamier version of this formula you also can have it customized for your brand in the round jar with black trim cap. Both look elegant and high-end, both formulas equally effective. You want a secret weapon on your brand, this is the one concealer that will never let you down.

There is more…

In addition to amazing formulas that create that flawless look, think about the other advantages of creating your brand with the Best Private Label Concealer Manufacturer:

  1. Customized Service – an Account Manager will be assigned to your account from beginning to end.
  2. Low Quantities - You are not committed to buy large quantities. You can start with as little as 3 pieces per color per packaging style or
  3. Delivery – you can count on fast turnaround times for your products. In about 4-6 weeks they get shipped to you.

These advantages give you lower risks, lower minimums, higher quality products, and greater margins of profit.
It’s a no brainer, Audrey Morris Cosmetics is the Private Label Manufacturer of choice.

Here is how to get started with us, step by step:

get started step by step
  • Choose Audrey Morris as your partner for success.
  • Go through our website and decide what you will start your brand with first. Once you see our extensive library of options you will need some guidance.
  • Call one of our Representatives to get a free quote and order samples. You want to try out the products. You will fall in love with them.
  • Create your logo and send us the file in vector, ai, jpeg or pdf format. The higher the resolution the better.
  • We will send you a mock file for your review and approval.
  • Place your first order and we will give you a 25% off discount to help you get started.
  • Products will be manufactured and shipped to you within 6-8 weeks.

And there you have it. You can start selling your brand and make loyal customers with your Private Label Concealer from Audrey Morris Cosmetics.

So now that you know how to get started here is another piece of information that is quite important. What sets us apart in terms of formula? There are tons of options in the market when it comes to concealers. Why our formula? Allow us to explain.

Private Label Concealer

Private Label Concealer Manufacturers USA | Audrey Morris

The Perfect Concealer Seals the Deal

Full coverage concealer perfect for hiding, dark circles under the eyes, dark spots and skin imperfections. Easy blending with fingers, brush or sponge.

What’s in it?

Our rich luxurious creamy, light formula creates an even, full coverage over blemishes and dark circles. We know that’s what it does but how does it do that? What is in this formula that would make you say “oh, wow, yes, this is exactly what I need in my brand!” I’m so glad you asked. In the words of our Senior Chemist here is how she explained it: “in order to cover dark spots it is necessary to include in the formula certain pigments that allow when blended to even the skin tone. In addition, and LDP is used to create the illusion of no lines.” (Yes, I know what you are thinking. What is LDP?) Our Chemist explains: “It is a Light Diffusing Pigment added to the formula that when blended with the other fine ingredients gives a more youthful look hiding blemishes, imperfections, uneven skin tone as well as covering dark spots.” Isn’t that interesting? It’s not just cosmetics there is science behind the preparation of these products to enhance, cover and prepare the skin for a makeup look. At Audrey Morris Cosmetics we care to manufacture our products with the finest ingredients, thereby creating cosmetics that work! When we say full coverage, we mean full coverage.

Because our Concealer comes in jars you can use a sponge, your fingers or a brush to apply it. We also offer our tubes which carry about 9 grams of product and it comes with a sponge applicator for easy delivery of coverage. The smooth formula is easily blended with any sponge or brush. You will immediately see the results and how your eyes will brighten up with this formula.

Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer

For every skin tone, we have the perfect blend. Audrey Morris Cosmetics is your Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer.


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