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Private Labeling Cosmetics and Skin Care Guide


Private Labeled Cosmetics Printed Examples

Looking to start Your own cosmetic or skin care line?

Start your path to being recognized in your industry by placing your Brand name on the must have products in today’s competitive industry.

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Q, How do I start my own cosmetic or skin care line?


Step 1: Select Audrey Morris Cosmetics International as the Company with the commitment of formulating today’s top quality Private Label Cosmetics and  Skin Care products, the best in texture, and pigment when it comes to Color. Experience why Audrey Morris Cosmetics International is your one stop shop for your Private Label Cosmetic and Skincare needs.

Step 2: Create your own line, it is time to make your vision a reality. Select from our extensive Color Library, and/or Skincare line. Book an appointment with one of our experienced and knowledgeable sales executives either in our showroom, or on the phone to assist you with putting together your line.

Step 3: Brand your product line, create a clean and simple look. Choose a font style or design that is clear and legible so that it can easily be reproduced onto a plate or screen for printing.



   Bad Text ExampleGood Text Example                    

Step 4: Place your order, send us your logo, and we will then create a mockup image that we will email to you for your approval.


Step 5: We process your order, we manufacture the product, and we then print your logo.


Step 6: We ship your merchandise, you are now ready to start retailing your line.