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Audrey Morris is a private label cosmetics manufacturer offering a variety of products. With over 50 years of experience, our company has been providing entrepreneurs, makeup artists and consumers with high quality, gorgeous looks. Part of that look is blush and cheek makeup. Blush makeup provides that rosy complexion so many women are after. Red cheekbones are a sign of vitality. A full color is a sign of the passion you carry within you.

Let our selection of matte and mineral blushes give your clients that distinctive hint of color to their cheekbones. With a beautiful selection of colors, Audrey Morris carries private label blush makeup that will leave your customers satisfied with professional quality application.

Our highly pigmented formulas of mineral powders come in a wide library of colors - from neutrals to brights - for natural and dramatic looks for all skin hues. We offer private label cheek makeup in a choice of matte, pearls, and semi-pearls.  Our private label cheek makeup applies smoothly, and blends in easily. Talc free formulas ensure that the makeup doesn’t clump, cake, or feel heavy on skin. Our private label blush allows for both a natural or dramatic look.

Contact us today for more information on our private label blush or any . At first blush, making an impression in the cosmetic industry may seem like a big undertaking. Well, consider us your professional hair and makeup team.