Lash Primer

Available in: Black Matte Round with Black Band Net wt .25 oz.Slim Gold Or Silver round tube Net Wt. .25 fl. oz. / 7.4 ml. Gold and Black Round .45 fl. oz. / 13.5 ml...


Available in:Black Matte Round with Black Band Net wt .25 oz. / 7.4 ml. Slim Gold Or Silver round tube Net Wt. .28 fl. oz. / 8.4 ml. Gold and Black Round .45 fl. oz. / 13.5 ml. MASCARA (Available in Black or Brown)Lashes are thickened and lengt..

Duo Mascara

Available In Regular Mascara (Black or Brown) or HD Mascara (Black Only)Double Ended Black with Gold BandMascara Net wt .21 oz. / 7.4ml - Primer Net wt .21 oz. / 7.4ml..

Lash & Brow Enhance Serum

Enhance Lash & Brow SerumBlack Matte Round with Black BandNet wt. .25 oz...

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You Can Start Your Own Cosmetics Brand With Our Private Label Makeup

Create your very own Private Label Mascara brand by the leading Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer. You’ve thought about it and wondered, could this be something you could launch? How much will it be? What if I told you that you could start your brand of Mascara, smarter not harder. You choose the packaging, and you choose the colors, you create the budget, and together we will make it happen! Surely, you want to start with the best quality product at affordable prices in elegant packaging. Audrey Morris has figured this out for you.

Who is Audrey Morris Cosmetics? In one short sentence: we are your partner for success! Our winning combination has been manufacturing high-end formulas, with trending packaging options and low minimums. The choice of Private Label Mascara just became more accessible with us as your partner for your brand.

The Audrey Morris Cosmetics Advantage

AMC logoWhen it comes to choosing a Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer you want to know that they are reliable, providing consistency of product quality. You also want to know that when its time to re-order inventory, you won’t have to wait to get restocked. And finally, you want a company that understands your budgetary needs and can work with you with you whether you are an established brand with big budgets or a startup with a smaller budget. At Audrey Morris, there is something for every type of entrepreneur: the startup or the established one. Now, let’s go over additional advantages of creating your Private Label Mascara brand with the leading Cosmetics Manufacturer:

  1. Turnkey Products
  2. Low Minimums
  3. Packaging Options
  4. We print your logo
  5. Products are shipped to you in 6-8 weeks.

Now that you know how easy creating your brand can be, isn’t it time you got started? You choose. We are here to help you!

Private Label Mascara Manufacturers USA | Audrey Morris

Highly-pigmented, Lengthening, Volumizing Formulas

The best of both worlds: length and volume, yes, we got that! You’ve research for the best and you found us. Audrey Morris Cosmetics is the expert Private Label Mascara Manufacturer in the USA. Our specially blended formula contains key ingredients to lengthen, add volume and nourish the lashes. No more clumps, hard to remove mascara that pulls the lashes off. This product is specifically formulated to add the length and volume without losing your beautiful lashes.

To Launch or Not to Launch, we say “go for it!”

When it comes to launching there are so many questions, doubts, fears and to do lists to overcome. We get it. At one point in time we were there. Wondering could we compete? How long before we could say we are profitable and will they (the clients) like us. Well, it’s been 50 plus years later and we can tell you one thing: you have to start somewhere by feeding your dreams and starving your doubts. Another question that usually comes up is timing. Will this be the right time for me? Every day is a good day for a brand new beginning. And the ultimate question: will I have enough to invest? The answer to that question will be answered with more clarity when you pick up the phone and give one of our Sales Representatives a call and find out how little an investment it takes to get started with us.

Any Other Questions?

Let’s recap: Audrey Morris Cosmetics the leading Private Label Manufacturer of Premium Cosmetics continues to offer the best formulations for Cosmetics at affordable prices.

Our unequaled customer service, our years of experience, trending formulas with the finest ingredients and elegant packaging will set you up to launch a brand that will create a “buzz” which will translate into higher profits for you.

More and more startup cosmetics companies are going with the option of Private Label Cosmetics. Did you know? In 2018, mascara held the largest market share of more than 70% in sales. So there is no time like today to jump on the bandwagon and start your profitable Private Label Mascara line. Add to all these advantages low risk investment, more cost-effective ways of launching a new brand, quality formulas and customized service.

Now that you know, Audrey Morris Cosmetics is the leader in the industry you can enjoy the benefits of our expertise of over 50 years manufacturing clean, highly pigmented, cruelty-free, quality formulas in trending packaging. I must stress the low minimums advantage because for many of our current clients when they started years ago that was a huge plus for them. They were looking for that flexibility to give them time to become a recognizable brand. This allows you to start small and grow your business at your own pace which can be a deal breaker for many starting out. Without a doubt, starting your Mascara line with the leading Private Label Mascara Manufacturer is starting smarter not harder. Don’t let your dream go by another year without becoming a reality. Isn’t it time you started? Let’s do this!

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