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Private Label Cosmetics and Skin Care Contract Manufacturer

Audrey Morris Cosmetics is the industry leader in the private label cosmetic manufacturing world and the one-stop location for all your cosmetic business needs.

Not to brag but we are the hub of the highest quality cosmetics and skin care products in the industry! If you want to skip the complicated and overly stressful phase of formula development of cosmetic products and wish to fast-forward to launching your brand, this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss!

We invite you to partner with us and benefit from cosmetic products that people will absolutely love with 100% privacy guaranteed and no risks involved whatsoever!

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Private Label Cosmetics and Skincare Products

In addition to private label cosmetics, we also offer private label skincare products for businesses that want to Start BIG!

Paraben-free, cruelty-free, and lead-free – these are the three characteristics that capture the essence of our made in USA cosmetic products.

By supplying the best-quality, professional-grade makeup and skincare products, we help you enter the cosmetic world with a BANG and steal the spotlight right away!
With our private label cosmetics and skincare, building and branding your own makeup line just got easier!

We understand that you may be starting small. Trust us when we say that we will support your business at every step while it continues to grow at its own pace. We just want to put the hard work of manufacturing products and ensuring the highest standards of quality on auto-pilot for you so that you can focus on other important business aspects.

Want to get high-quality private label cosmetic and skincare products at affordable prices for your brand?
Audrey Morris Cosmetics International
is here to help!

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Manufacturing Professional Cosmetics and Skincare Since 1965

At Audrey Morris Cosmetics International, our goal is to provide our entrepreneur partners with an all-inclusive experience for creating and running their own beauty brand. We strive to see your brand being recognized in the industry and achieving great successes with excellent profit margins and customer loyalty.

build your brand We have maintained the reputation of being a leading manufacturer and provider of premium cosmetic and skincare products for over 50 years. We boast a global clientele ranging from salon and spa businesses, private dermatologists, and Hollywood makeup artists to renowned beauty schools and hotels.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality beauty products and packaging. From luxurious foundations, powders, and lipsticks to advanced skincare products, we have everything a brand needs to be successful! Our approach is highly flexible when it comes to accommodating your marketing goals and plans. With our attention-to-detail coupled with superb quality beauty products, we have set us apart in the overly competitive industry of cosmetics and skincare products manufacturing.

Together, let’s bring your business to the pinnacle of its potential with outstanding makeup formulations, stunning packaging, and reasonable prices. Our team will be happy to assist and guide you in creating your own beauty brand. We’ll put your brand name and logo on our products and put you out there as a promising business while letting you choose between simple private label and white label services.

White label services will help you enter the cosmetics business world like a boss and solidify your business in no time without having to spend a fortune on the launch, R&D and FDA approvals, and inventory costs. On the other hand, a simple private label solution gives you a chance to launch your products within weeks. No matter where you stand, we’ll support you at every step of the journey and ensure that the products you receive from us always exceed your expectations!

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